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Web design process

Our designs are all tailored to your brief, we don’t use any pre-made templates. That means we can perfectly match the style and features to your branding and needs.



The first step is always to go over your brief, look at what you're trying to achieve, come up with a plan. Where appropriate we'll create sitemaps and wireframes, so that there's a clear idea where we're heading.



We're so confident we'll get it right, we offer unlimited revisions until you're completely happy. Only once you've approved your design do we take it forward to build, knowing that it's going to be spot on.



We take your approved designs and build them into a fully functioning website. This is usually in WordPress, but we also build static HTML/CSS sites and can work with other CMS software.

It used to be that the only way to view a web page was on a desktop computer, and so websites were designed to a fixed width. These days, though, websites are accessed from a wide range of devices from mobile phones up to big 4k resolution screens. Many people don’t have a PC at all and in some industries, you can expect most your website traffic to come from mobile devices. It’s more important than ever to make sure that your website works from wherever it’s accessed.

From a design perspective, we want to make sure your visitor has as good an experience on their phone as they would on their desktop. We do this by creating pages that respond to the size of screen they’re accessed on, often by stacking elements and replacing the menu with a drop out that takes less space. Where necessary we’ll also restyle elements, remove rollover effects, and consider the mobile user in a hundred other tiny ways to make sure we create a seamless and positive experience.

The first thing is a clear steer on what you want the page or site to achieve, and any ideas you’ve already had about what you do or don’t want it to look and behave like. Sometimes examples of websites you absolutely hate are as useful as those you love. If you’ve already got a website that is being replaced, a list of pain points and positive qualities is very helpful.

On a practical level we’ll need a copy of your logo and any branding guidelines, photos, graphics and text you already know needs to be worked in. If you’re unsure of exact content we’ll use placeholders at this stage, but real material is preferable where possible.

The last thing we need is honest and prompt feedback. You’ll be sent a static image of what your site is going to look like, either as a JPG or XD document, but this is only a starting point – we’ll take your comments and rework it until you’re 100% happy with the end result. Only at this point will we begin to code the flat design into a working website.

Jo has been personable and efficient in setting up my website. She did a great job of understanding what I wanted and providing guidance from her wealth of experience.

Vanessa Rhone (Venus Works, Oxford)