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Expert help with your existing website on either an ad-hoc or regular retainer basis, remotely or on-site. To find out more, call us on 07895 701028.

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On-site or remote website maintenance contract

Most maintenance work is carried out remotely, but it is also possible to book half or full days of on-site support, carried out in your own office. For more information about this, please get in touch.

Ad hoc website maintenance

Ad hoc website maintenance

Changes made to your website as and when you need, with no ongoing contracts or commitment. Simply call or email to book in your work, and pay as you go in handy 15-minute blocks. We don’t need to have built your website, all you’ll need to supply are the relevant login details. Ideal for one-off or irregular maintenance, including:

  • Content updates
  • Security fixes/cleaning a hacked WordPress installation
  • Amendments to an existing theme
  • Redevelopment of a theme
  • Addition of plugins and functionality

Website maintenance retainer agreement

In some cases it might be desirable to have a regular website maintenance retainer agreement, for example if you have no one within your organisation with the skills to deal with the day to day administration of your website, and this can be negotiated on an individual basis where it is appropriate. Some of the tasks that can be covered include:

  • Software updates
  • Backups
  • Search engine placement monitoring
  • Content updates

Regular website maintenance

WordPress website maintenance contract

Need someone to carry out routine or more advanced maintenance on your WordPress website? Look no further. You can book us for ad-hoc or retainer maintenance, and we’re also available to help with disaster recovery, even if we didn’t build your WordPress website ourselves.

Hacked WordPress support

Hacked WordPress website support

Get expert help for when your site has been hacked and you have no idea where to start cleaning up the mess that’s been left behind.

Perhaps your host has had to suspend your account, or Google is warning that your site is running malicious code. Maybe it’s as simple as rogue posts starting to show up on your blog. Either way, you need to act fast before your search rankings plummet and your customers start to complain.

If you’ve got a backup of your site, the process is made a lot easier because you can usually carry out a restoration and then perform some hardening tasks to help stop it happening again. If there’s no backup we’ll need to run a full scan of your site, remove the vulnerability and then look at prevention.

WordPress security

A few recommendations to keep your WordPress website safe:

  1. Run all WordPress core and plugin updates. Check regularly to make sure you’re always running the latest versions.
  2. Never use the default ‘admin’ username, change it to something less obvious.
  3. Use a complicated password that is hard for a hacker to guess, and change it routinely.
  4. Run regular virus scans on any computers you use to access your WordPress website.
  5. Take regular backups of your website.

Security tips

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