Freelance services and collaboration on projects where specialist WordPress skills are required. To find out more, or for a free quote, call us on 07895 70 10 28.

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Freelance website development

We work collaboratively with graphic, web design and digital marketing companies to fill skills gaps and extend what they can offer to their own clients.


For over a decade our specialism has been creating bespoke WordPress themes and functionality, as well as advising on a wide range of plugins and WordPress services. That work has brought us into contact with many fantastic graphic and web designers who are great at what they do, but occasionally need some help to fulfil a project with a strong WordPress element.

We can work flexibly either completely white label or as a partner, building your designs into fully functioning WordPress sites, advising on responsive theming at the design stage, or with WordPress hosting and training.

If you’re interested in partnering on a project, please get in touch.

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I wish I had found Jo earlier. We wanted to progress from making simple text edits to getting more out of the CMS. After a very enjoyable training session, we can now design new pages and keep the website organised. Excellent.

Margaret Hildreth (JP Hildreth Ltd, High Wycombe)
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