How to: Extend WordPress Admin with Inline Editing

22nd March 2011

Once a WordPress site is handed over by a developer, many people will find that they are only ever going to use the CMS to make simple changes to the text and images on their pages and blog posts.

A standard install allows you to do this from the back end administrative system, but using free plugins it becomes possible to edit some chunks of text in place whilst browsing through your site, so long as you’re logged in.

I tested out a plugin called Front-end Editor:


  1. If you spot a simple spelling error you can edit it there and then, without having to navigate away
  2. You can see in real time how things will look within the page before you save. This can be really useful if you’re figurng out which images to use or want to know how far you’re going to have to scroll to read a piece of text


  1. Whilst it is possible to edit widget settings, the form to do this will often not display as neatly as from admin
  2. Not all sections of content will be editable

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