How to: Create a Separate Blog Page in WordPress

10th March 2012

If you’re running WordPress solely as a blog then you can show your latest posts on the home page, or link to specific categories/tags from menus. However, if you’re using WordPress as a CMS for your website then you may want the focus to be on your pages, with a separate tab for your blog. To do this, you’ll need to make some changes to your theme*.

First, make a copy of your index.php page and save it as blog.php.

Next, you’ll need to add some code to the top. Replace:


Then find the loop. It should look something like this:

Replace it with this:

You’ll also need to remove this:

And change this:

To this:

Upload the page into your theme directory, and create a new page in WordPress. Call it ‘Blog’ and change the Template from ‘default’ to ‘blog’.

Hit publish and you’re done.

* Should work with most themes. Might not work with all.

NB: Because this post is more than two years old, and the world of web design and technology moves on so quickly, the information in it may now be out of date

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