Basic SEO Tips for Product and Service Pages

11th January 2013

Product and service pages are core to most business websites. They tell prospective customers what you do and what you can offer. But how do you make the most of them from an SEO perspective? Here are a few basic tips to get you started.

Service page SEO

1. Create individual service pages. You can’t possibly effectively optimise for all of the important key phrases you need to at once. Give each service its own page so that you don’t have to water down the content, titles, headings and URLs.

2. If you can, be location specific. If you’re a plumber operating in Oxfordshire, simply having a page called ‘plumbing services’ is too general. Your customers are going to be searching for plumbers who are local to them. They’ll be using search terms such as ‘oxfordshire plumber’ or ‘oxfordshire plumbing services’, so your page titles, headings and URLs need to reflect this wherever possible.

Product page SEO

1. Set up your URL structure to avoid multiple directory paths. If you know you’re going to be listing products in multiple categories, choose a URL structure which doesn’t include the category name. Otherwise the same information is going to appear for multiple URLs and it’s going to look like duplicate content.

2. Name products with search users in mind. Your supplier may have sold you some new stock as emerald rather than green or topaz rather than blue, but which of these colours are your potential customers more likely to be searching for? Think about what terms users might realistically be using and name your products accordingly.

3. Include model numbers and brand names. If your product has a model number that customers are likely to be searching, you should definitely be including it. Likewise, if you’re selling a branded item make sure the name is included in titles and headings.

4. Pay attention to your product descriptions. When you’ve got a lot of stock to add it’s really tempting to just use the standard description from your supplier. The trouble is that any number of other companies may be doing the same thing and you could end up with a site full of content that’s duplicated all over the web. Taking the time to write your own descriptions will avoid this potential issue and also gives you the opportunity to slip some key words and phrases in.

5. Remember the alt tag. You should be including some alternative text with images right across your site, but it’s easier to forget about them when you’re uploading lots of stock. Don’t just start keyword stuffing though, alt text is primarily about accessibility so make sure you’re inputting an accurate description of each image.

6. Enable product reviews. Customers often describe products in ways you hadn’t even imagined, and they are also a good way to keep your pages turning over with fresh unique content. Be careful though, because you do of course run the risk of customers leaving negative comments and reviews.

7. Encourage sharing and bookmarking. Simple social share buttons are a great start.


What our customers say:

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Vanessa Rhone (Venus Works, Oxford)

Excellent, efficient service from Jo. Highly recommend.

Xan Rice (Journalist, Oxford)

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Imogen Goold (Blogger, Oxfordshire)

I wish I had found Jo earlier. We wanted to progress from making simple text edits to getting more out of the CMS. After a very enjoyable training session, we can now design new pages and keep the website organised. Excellent.

Margaret Hildreth (JP Hildreth Ltd, High Wycombe)