About Hut Six

Hut Six started life as Jo Cox Design back in 2006. The new name is a nod to the code breakers that worked out of Bletchley Park during the Second World War. It’s what you get when a computer geek with a history degree tries to name a business.

Jo Cox

Photo by the very talented Massimiliano Giorgeschi

I started building websites when I was about 14, in an age of table layouts and 56k modems. It began as a hobby, verging on obsession, and then it became a part time job. Whilst I was studying for a history degree I was building websites. When I started training to become an ICT teacher I was building websites. Eventually I decided I should just be building websites.

In 2010 I stopped teacher training and decided to add a training component to my business instead. WordPress was also becoming a big thing so I dedicated myself to studying it, making it my specialism. It was better than any content management system I’d ever tried to work with and I knew clients were going to love it. In 2012 I released my first theme into the WordPress repository. It was downloaded more than 30,000 times and had a near perfect user rating. Two more followed, as well as a couple of plugins. Now most of my time is spent building, maintaining, and training on WordPress.

In my free time I’m into football, running, photography, and tinkering with musical instruments. I’m the Club Secretary of Launton Ladies Football Club and co-founded a music review website over at MTTM. I’m also addicted to adopting bunnies. You can view some of my photos on Flickr.

I wish I had found Jo earlier. We wanted to progress from making simple text edits to getting more out of the CMS. After a very enjoyable training session, we can now design new pages and keep the website organised. Excellent.

Margaret Hildreth