5 Free AJAX Lightbox Scripts

9th January 2012

Lightbox scripts are great. They allow you to display content within the page itself, overcoming the need for pop up windows. This makes them perfect for displaying images, contact forms, login scripts and previews. Here are 5 of the best that I’ve worked with recently.

1. Colorbox

My go-to lightbox script these days. It supports images, image groups, videos, ajax, inline content and iframe content. You can also implement it easily within your WordPress blog using the ‘JQuery Colorbox’ plugin, with multiple styles.

2. fancyBox

fancyBox displays images, html and multimedia content like many of the others, but it stands out for being particularly smooth and stylish. As with colorbox, there’s also a WordPress plugin.

3. LightWindow

I came across LightWindow when I was looking for a script that would work with an image map. It can handle pretty much any function you could possibly want a lightbox script to perform.

4. Lightbox2

You will have seen Lightbox and Lightbox2 absolutely everywhere. It’s very widely used, although only supports images and sideshows.

5. Boxy

Boxy probably isn’t for you if you’re looking for a fancy image script, but it is certainly perfect for dialog box overlays. It’s designed to look similar to Facebook overlays, with support for dragging and size tweening.

Jo was brilliant from the moment I first got in contact with her. She understood what I needed and the vision I had in my head, which she managed to get on to a website. Quick worker and reliable. The website has totally taken off too, so I’m so happy I went with Jo Cox Design.

(Lucy Beesley)