10 Tips for Facebook Business Pages

10th September 2011

So you’ve set up a Facebook Fan Page for your business. What next? Here are 10 tips to help  you get started marketing your products, raising your profile and connecting with your customers.

  1. Fill out as much of the profile information as possible, including both a land line number and address if you can. The more you can put, the more credible and trustworthy you present yourself to be.
  2. Upload a photograph or company logo. Pictures speak a thousand words and will help your visitors to recognise you when they try to find you, when your posts come up in their news feed and elsewhere on the web.
  3. Secure a vanity URL to help people find you. NB: You’ll need to get to 25 likes before you can have one of these. (Update: you no longer need 25 likes to get a vanity URL)
  4. Don’t bombard your likers with advertising messages or you risk them abandoning ship. Before you post a status update, try to put yourself in the seat of the end user and consider whether you really would find what you’re about to say helpful or interesting.
  5. Do update your page with new blog posts. If someone has taken the time to like your page then chances are they’re interested in the products and services you offer and, whilst they might not like overt advertising they will often click through to an interesting article which benefits them in some way.
  6. People are more likely to like your page if they’re getting something out of it, so offer incentives. Perhaps make it possible for likers to download a discount code or some insider hints/tips. Alternatively you could run competitions or free giveaways.
  7. Like other businesses as your page.
  8. Add a Facebook like box to your website, perhaps with a stream of your recent posts and a list of those already liking you.
  9. Add your Facebook Page URL to your business stationary and email signatures.
  10. And finally, make sure you update your page with relevant posts and material regularly to stop it stagnating!


  • Reader

    29th January 2012 at 7:49 am

    This is no longer true and hasn’t been for a while:

    “Secure a vanity URL to help people find you. NB: You’ll need to get to 25 likes before you can have one of these.”

    You can get one straight away now.

    • Jo

      9th February 2012 at 3:34 pm

      Thanks for your comment. You can indeed get one straight away now, but that wasn’t the case when I first published this post. I’ll add a note

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